Bill Young was born and raised in Colorado Springs, CO. Bill has had a number of cameras over time and when he was 10 years old his neighbor gave him his first 35mm camera for his birthday. This was the birth of a new interest. The camera only lasted a few months but, led to the ownership of other cameras in the years to follow. Bill won an award for his photography while in grade school, and then didn’t enter any competitions until he was an adult and joined the “Pikes Peak Camera Club” at the urging of his friend and fellow photographer Ethel Major. The only formal training in photography that Bill received was an introductory course at Pikes Peak Community College.

In 1991 Bill picked up his first digital camera. It was a Logitech Fotoman black and white camera. This was a fun camera but, fell well short of the images expected from a digital camera. In September 2000 Bill picked up his first Nikon Coolpix 990. This was a wonderful 3.3 megapixal camera. All of the images in the banner were taken with Nikon 990’s. In November of 2000 Bill convinced his friend Mark Kirkland to start “Peak Digital Imaging Society” with him. The two of them held a number of meetings to talk about what the club would do and then in January of 2001 they invited people to be members of the club. In January of 2005 the club had over 300 members on the web site membership list. In 2005 Bill became the President of “Image Society International.” Bill now has three of the Nikon 990 cameras. He uses two of them for stereographic  images and is planning to convert the third into an infrared capture device. Bill also has a Nikon D2h. This is his current workhorse. He also Uses a Canon Power Shot A95 as a camera to carry around with him every where he goes as Jay Maisel suggested to him.

Bill has images on permanent display at the observatory in the Czech Republic — “Archeological Astronomy of the American South West.”

In the permanent collection of the Pioneer Museum in Colorado Springs — “Images of the Pioneer Museum show 2003.”

Several covers of “Active for Justice” a local publication in Colorado Springs.

Bill has had images on display in Colorado, Montana, Virginia, and the Czech Republic. He has been published in publications specific to Colorado, National publications, and International publications. He has won well over 100 awards for his photography and continues to compete both locally, nationally, and internationally.

Special projects include:

Official photographer — Hayman Fire in Colorado, the largest fire in recent history to impact the state.

Official photographer — Archeological Astronomy of the American South West.

Official photographer — Active for Justice.

Year in the Life of a Camera — This was a project of the Circle of Confusion camera club in Colorado Springs. Each photographer used a Canon camera for one week. Then at the end of the project each of the 52 photographers presented three images and had one image each juried in to the show. This is a traveling show — If you are interested in displaying this show please feel free to contact me in order to make arrangements. FigurativePhoto@aol.com

Image series:

Photos for Ron English Video!

I’m Liken Lichen — Images of Lichen from around the world.

The eyes have it — Photos of eyes, some everyday people, friends, and models.

Abstract nudes — projects in works, in this series the goal is to create images that make the viewer question what they observe and yet is clear enough to show the human form.

Fantasy art nudes — projects in works, in this series images are made of the impossible, some people are turned into non-existent creatures, events take place that are unlikely, and the imagery has an ancient feel to them. Similar to the work of Boris Vallejo.

Interesting hair — This is to showplace unique hairdos and make a statement of the person under the hair.

Art Crimes — This series is mostly graffiti and the art and talent that is untapped and under displayed.

Human piercing — This is a series of images that showcase various piercing’s and to tell the story behind how and why people choose to be pierced weather it be for art, culture, or religious reasons.

Living with Aids — This series was a request from a friend that died of aids. She requested that I use my photography to bring out the human experience of Aids and show victims as humans as the media, and society tends to turn it into a disease and leaves the people and the human tragedy behind.

If you would like to participate in any of the photo projects above please feel free to contact me att FigurativePhoto@aol.com

Gear in Bill’s camera bag would include:

A number of pocket cameras.

Two Go Pro cameras.

A number of sb800 flash units by Nikon, a set of studio lights by Novatron, Photoflex 5 in 1 reflector. A digital target.

Tamron 28mm to 300mm lens (My personal favorite.) The Nikon 70 to 200 2.8, a lens baby as well as other lenses by Nikon. A fish eye for the 990, a Nikon 2x converter and a telescope adaptor.

Bill has three Bogen/Monfrato tripods with quick release heads on them. An extension arm, Novatron strobe stands, and a home made backdrop set.

Cokin filter sets, as well as various filters that romaine on each of the camera lenses.

Lexar, Sandisk, and Kingston compact flash cards, a 20 gig nexview digital wallet, Flash trax 80 gig wallet, and 6 gig minds at work wallet. Sandisk, Lexar and Delkin card readers.

Tamrac digital series pockets, Tamrac pocket camera bag, Wild West fanny pack, Eagle Creek travel bag/back pack and a Celestron hard case.

Mahaa rechargeable batteries for flash units, the Nikon 990’s and the Canon camera. A bag for electronics – power strips, extension cords, tape, etc..

A specially made light tent for product photography.

Bill’s digital dark room:

Macintosh MacBook Pro, Computer Resource Pentium 4 desk Adobe Lightroom, computer, Paint Shop Pro, Photoshop CS, Dream Weaver, Wacom tablet, Spider Pro 2 calibrating hardware and software, Print fix calibrating hardware and software. Lacie hard drives holding in excess of two terabytes of images, a Lacie CD/DVD burner. Extensis Photo Suite, Dream Weaver, and Flash. And Noise Ninja.

Epson 1270, Epson R200 photo inkjet printers, Epson 2400 K3 inkjet printer, the Epson 9800 large format K3 inkjet printer and Okidata 7200 color laser printer.

Honors and Awards:

“A Year in the Life of a Camera”  – Published by Blurb!
Smokebrush Center –
     “State of the Union Show.
          State of the Union Talk – Pikes Peak Justice and Peace Commission and The Big Picture Group.
     “BIG” – Photo show at the  – Large Scale Images for a Bigger than Life World
     “Shelter” Art show
     “Zendagi Migzara” – Fashion Show and Photo Show combined!
“Studio 4c” – Magazine spread!
Vision solo photo Show at the Colorado Springs Senior Center.
April – Art Aloud show. Poetry and art shows every year since 2008
Flaunt – An installation piece directed by De Lane Bredvik “The Wall”
Camera Obscura Gallery – One image in the “The Art of Photography Today.” Juried Photo Show.
Business of Art Center –
     three pieces in “Homo Reus.”
     “Enlightenment and Spirituality.”
     “The Body Politic show”
     The Art of Peace talk –  The Big Picture Group.
Voted onto the Board of the BAC Business of Art Center in 2010!
Pikes Peak Community College – TikunOlam International show.
Judge for the 48th & 49th Annual District 11 Young Peoples Art Exhibitions.
Ron English-
     photo shoot for Abraham Obama
     “Abraham Obama” (64 images in the book.)
     photo shoot Cathy Cowgirls.
“Abandonment” book by Circle of Confusion Photo Group. – published by Blurb!
“Going for the Gold” About the Women Airforce Service Pilots of WWII receiving their congressional Gold Medal.
     Published by Ripple Effect Publishing LLC.
“How You See God” by Academy Art and Frame. – published by blurb!


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“Art is in the Artist, not in the medium!” — Hal Gould


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